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Title: Sonatensatz
Composer: Johannes Brahms
Instrument: Violin
Edited By: Gerardo Ribeiro
Instrumentation: Chamber/Solo with Piano
Pages: 12 including the violin and piano parts

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As the third movement (Scherzo) of a collaborative work by Johannes Brahms, Albert Dietrich, and Robert Schumann, entitled the F-A-E Sonata, the Sonatensatz was a surprise gift for the renowned violinist Joseph Joachim.  Joachim’s motto “Frei Aber Einsam” (Free but Lonely) served as the inspiration for the title "F-A-E" rather than the keys.  Dietrich composed the first movement Allegro.  Schumann provided an Intermezzo for the second movement, as well as the Finale.  Brahms' Scherzo movement took on a life of its own outside of the sonata thanks to Joachim.  Although the premiere was given in 1853, the work was only published posthumously in 1906.

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