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Doina for Cello

By Racheli Galay

Title: Doina
Composer: Folk Song (Traditional Klezmer Tune)
Instrument: Violoncello
Edited By: Racheli Galay
Instrumentation: Solo
Pages: 2

A doina (also doine, dojna) is a vocal and instrumental idiom of the upland Romania, bearing Turkish influences.  This genre was also popular among Jewish East-European musicians, the klezmorim.  Klezmer music had two functions: “music for dance,” performed at weddings and celebrations, and “music for listening” that evoked a reflective moment.  A doina is a listening piece.  Traditionally performed by the leader of the klezmer group, the doina is a soloistic piece, usually featuring one instrument with a simple drone-like accompaniment.  This particular doina, also titled Taxim in some editions, is followed by a lively part.  It appears as no. 20 in the Russian ethnographer Moshe Beregovski’s collection Jewish Instrumental Folk-Music (Kiev, 1987). 

Performance suggestion: In the second section, a tambourine and/or piano playing rhythmic chords may be added to the cello’s melody.

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