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Title: Sonata in g-minor
Composer: Henry Eccles
Instrument: Bass
Edited By: Jeff Bradetich
Instrumentation: Chamber/Solo with Piano
Pages: 14 including the bass and piano parts

Please note: The piano part is available in both original and solo tuning. 

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Ever since thelandmark recording of the Eccles Sonata by Gary Karr in the earlystages of his career, this work has become the theme song for bassplayers throughout the world.  This edition includes a written-outornamentation of the first movement and fingering suggestions in thelast movement that help navigate the often confusing terrain of thefingerboard.
-Jeff Bradetich

English composer Henry Eccles (1671-1742) played in the court of King Louis XIV as a member of the French King's band.  In 1720 he published Twelve Solos for the Violin in two books of which 18 movements are actually from Giuseppe Valentini’s Allettamenti per camera Op. 8 and one movement is from F.A. Bonporti’s Invenzioni Op. 10; the rest are composed by Eccles.  A second set of violin sonatas (including two flute sonatas) followed in 1723.

Check out the video below where Jeff Bradetich shares his thoughts on this work. You can also click below to preview or purchase a recording of Joel Quarrington performing this piece arranged for bass and orchestra.