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Beethoven Sonata Op. 6 Arranged for Cello Trio

Edited by Valter Dešpalj

 Sonata Op. 6 (for Cello Trio)
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Instrument: Violoncello
Editor: Valter Dešpalj
Instrumentation: Violoncello Ensemble
Pages: 9 for the score and 17 for the parts

There are wonderful pieces by great composers which are hardly ever performed, mainly because the more important (or more popular) compositions from their oeuvre get priority in concert programming. A good example of an unjustly neglected work is Beethoven's Op. 6, a Sonata for Piano, Four Hands in two movements, composed in 1797. Although this Sonata does not have depth comparable to that of Cello Sonatas Op. 5 written just a year before, the stroke of a genius is nevertheless clearly felt. The first movement, sometimes joyful and sometimes dramatic, sounds very exciting on three cellos and demonstrates virtuosity, especially in the first cello part. The second movement, the Rondo, is more relaxed and technically less demanding. 

The original texture of this Sonata consists of three essential parts, with many octave doublings typical of four hand piano writing. Therefore, the transcription for cello trio called only for modifications which would make things more cellistic, without touching the essence.

Valter Dešpalj

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