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Title: Voyage à deux, volume 1 part 3
Composer: Helmut Likpsky
Instrument: Violin
Edited By: Helmut Lipsky
Instrumentation: Chamber (2 Violins)
Pages: 12 (7 duos)

Please note: Voyage à deux, volume 1 part 3 is a collection of the third set of seven duets included in Voyage à deux, volume 1.  Scorch playback has been disabled.

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Voyage à deux (Trip for Two) complements etudes and solo repertoire and aims to make the aspiring musicians discover almost from the beginning, the joy of playing together with other violinists, with pieces which can be played in first position.

Short and easy to play, contrasting in mood, style and character, the pieces in this collection attempt to stimulate the imagination to search for appropriate sounds and colours, and to develop sensitivity for various articulations, dynamics and phrasings.

More advanced students can immediately concentrate on the musical aspects and focus their attention on listening to each other, thereby furthering the skills necessary for the playing of chamber music. Although all the pieces can be played in the first position, alternate fingerings are encouraged.

-Helmut Lipsky

Watch the YouTube video below to see Duo Philia perform Jam Session, one of the seven duos in Voyage à deux, volume 1 part 3.