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David of the White Rock – Viola Solo & Piano

Edited by Donald McInnes

Title: David of the White Rock
Composer: Welsh Folk Song
Instrument: Viola
Edited By: Donald McInnes
Instrumentation: Viola Solo with Piano
Pages: 3 including the viola and piano parts

The Welsh folk song David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) has been arranged for viola solo and piano by the world-famous violist Donald McInnes, who held a professorship at the University of Southern California from 1985 to 2014 and is known in virtually every corner of the artistic world for his appearances with major orchestras, recitals, chamber music participation, and numerous master classes.

David Owen, the famous blind harper and composer, lived near Porthmadog in Caernarfonshire, Wales in the first half of the 18th century and was known locally as Dafydd y Garreg Wen (David of the White Rock). The epithet Y Garreg Wen (English: The White Rock) was the name of the farm near Morfa Bychan in which he lived. Tradition has it that as Owen lay on his death bed, he called for his harp and composed the haunting air. The words were added nearly a hundred years later in by the poet John Ceiriog Hughes.

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Click here to listen to a recording of Donald McInnes performing David of the White Rock arranged for viola and piano.

Below is the original Welsh text and the English translationfor this song:

'Cariwch', medd Dafydd, 'fy nhelyn i mi,
Ceisiaf cyn marw roi tôn arni hi.

Codwch fy nwylo i gyraedd y tant;
Duw a'ch bendithio fy ngweddw a'm plant!'

'Neithiwr mi glywais lais angel fel hyn:
"Dafydd, tyrd adref, a chwarae trwy'r glyn!"

Delyn fy mebyd, ffarwel i dy dant!
Duw a'ch bendithio fy ngweddw a'm plant!'

'Bring me my harp', was David's sad sigh,
'I would play one more tune before I die.

Help me, dear wife, put the hands to the strings,
I wish my loved ones the blessing God brings.'

'Last night an angel called with heaven's breath:
"David, play, and come through the gates of death!"

Farewell, faithful harp, farewell to your strings,
I wish my loved ones the blessing God brings.'

Click below to preview or purchase a recording of David of the White Rock in its original version for voice and piano.