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Lalo Intermezzo from the Cello Concerto Arranged for Cello Octet

Edited by Valter Dešpalj

 Intermezzo from the Cello Concerto (for Cello Octet)
Composer: Edouard Lalo
Instrument: Violoncello
Editor: Valter Dešpalj
Instrumentation: Violoncello Ensemble
Pages: 14 for the score and 25 for the parts

In this transcription of the Intermezzo from Edouard Lalo's Cello Concerto in D minor, the first cello assumes the part of the soloist.  The others play accompanying parts which are more or less in the original register.  The simple texture of Lalo's score makes it very suitable for such an adaptation.  There are a couple of passages in the upper register which are a bit more challenging, but lowering them for an octave would affect the lightness and transparency of instrumentation.  As for the bass parts, the eighth cello tunes the C string a fourth lower to provide the depth of a double bass, especially important for the repetitious pedal G in fast sections.

Valter Dešpalj

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Click below to watch a video of Karmen Pečar and Valter Dešpalj's students performing his arrangement of the Intermezzo from Edouard Lalo's Cello Concerto in D minor.