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Dvořák Rondo Transcribed for Cello Octet

Edited by Valter Dešpalj

 Rondo (for Cello Octet)
Composer: Antonín Dvořák
Instrument: Violoncello
Editor: Valter Dešpalj
Instrumentation: Violoncello Ensemble
Pages: 20 for the score and 37 for the eight cello parts

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Antonín Dvořák composed his Rondo for cello and piano in 1891. Two years later, during his stay in America, he arranged the piano part for small orchestra consisting of strings, two oboes, two bassoons and timpani. This transcription is based mainly on the latter version. The warm timbre of the cello octet seems particularly suitable for this music of truly Bohemian character. One member of the octet plays the solo part while the orchestral texture is divided among the others. It is recommend that some high passages in the accompanying parts be played on D string rather than A – this would better resemble the sound of violins on the middle strings, and thereby will not interfere with the brighter sonority of the solo part. For the eighth part special attention should be paid to the open fourth string which is tuned a fourth lower: less bow should be used there, and more into the string, otherwise the intonation might get distorted.

Valter Dešpalj

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Click below to watch videos of Valter Dešpalj's students performing his arrangement of Antonín Dvořák's Rondo.