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Three Songs from Schwanengesang – for Cello Octet

Edited by Richard Birchall and Cellophony

Title:  Three Songs from Schwanengesang (for Cello Octet)
Composer: Franz Schubert
Instrument: Violoncello
Edited By: Richard Birchall and Cellophony
Instrumentation: Violoncello Ensemble
Pages: 9 for the score and 12 for the violoncello parts (parts print twice)

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These three well-known songs are all taken from Schubert’s 1828 cycle Schwanengesang, and were written to words by the poet Ludwig Rellstab. Liebesbotschaft (‘Lover’s Message’) is addressed to a ‘murmuring brooklet’ which is asked to carry a sentiment of love; Ständchen (Serenade) is an amorous twilight monologue; Aufenthalt (Dwelling-place) begins with the words ‘Wild roaring wood,/stream white with foam,/high on the crags I make my home.’ In these arrangements the solo vocal line is passed from player to player, and the original piano accompaniment expanded in a variety of different textures.

-Richard Birchall

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Violoncello I and II
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Schubert's Three Songs from Schwanengesang Arranged for Cello Octet can be found on Cellophony's album 'Vibrez'. Check out an audio preview of this track and more on Amazon.