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Title: Song without Words "Spring Song"
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Instrument: Violoncello
Edited By: Hans Jørgen Jensen
Instrumentation: Solo with Piano
Pages: 6 including the violoncello and piano parts

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Feuermann’s version adds charm to this already beautiful work.
-Hans Jørgen Jensen

Emanuel Feuermann’s charming and beautiful recording of this work inspired this transcription.  Mendelssohn composed eight volumes of Songs without Words for solo piano at various points throughout his life.  Mendelssohn himself resisted attempts to interpret the songs too literally, and objected when his friend Souchay sought to add words to the music.  Mendelssohn said, “What the music I love expresses to me, is not thought too indefinite to put into words, but on the contrary, too definite.“

Click below to preview or purchase the Feuermann recording that inspired this transcription, or a recording of Barenboim or Schiff performing this piece in its original arrangement for piano.