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Ovation Press, Ltd. grants you (“the Customer”) a non-exclusive license to use the Sibelius Scorch files you purchase under the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.  Carefully read all terms and conditions of this license agreement prior to purchasing scores from  (“the Site”). A contract does not exist between the Customer and Ovation Press until the Customer’s payment has been accepted and an order acceptance confirmation has been sent to the email address specified when the purchase was made.  That acceptance will be deemed complete and will be deemed for all purposes to have been effectively communicated to the Customer at the time the e-mail is sent to the Customer (whether or not the Customer receives that e-mail).  Ovation Press reserves the right not to accept any order or to withdraw from this contract in the event of material inaccuracies caused by human or technical error.  For the avoidance of doubt, any such contract will be deemed to have been concluded in the United States of America.


Ovation Press agrees to provide all purchased sheet music in Sibelius Scorch format exclusively.

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Ovation Press agrees to make Sibelius Scorch files available for purchase by the Customer subject to the limitations described in the Copyright Policy.

Ovation Press agrees to allow the Customer to print purchased Sibelius Scorch files the authorized number of times.


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The Customer may use purchased Sibelius Scorch files for personal purposes such as performances, personal study and musical teaching.

The Customer will not divulge, publish, distribute, sub-license, lease, sell, rent, photocopy or give to a third party any purchased Sibelius Scorch files or their musical content in whole or in part in any form or file format without the express written consent of Ovation Press.

The Customer will not alter, modify, or tamper with the Sibelius Scorch files or print-outs except as made available through the Scorch sheet music viewer (i.e. transposition).

The Customer understands and accepts that, due to copyright issues, published works designated as "for U.S. and Canada customers only" are usable by U.S. and Canada customers only and not by customers from other countries.  Please read all details in the Copyright Policy. Ovation Press is absolutely not responsible for any negligence on behalf of the Customer in this regard.

The Customer agrees to read and abide by the regulations as described in the Copyright Policy, Refund Policy and the License Agreement.

The Customer unconditionally accepts the contents of this document, both before and after a purchase, and understands and accepts that this license agreement and all purchases from the Site are governed by the laws of the State of Illinois, where Ovation Press, Ltd. is incorporated.



This agreement may be terminated at any time by destroying the printed copy of the Sibelius Scorch files. This agreement will terminate if the Customer fails to comply with any term or condition in this agreement.

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Sales of Sibelius Scorch files are final.  However, if you are unhappy with or are unable to successfully print any items purchased from the Site, please contact us at  Please be sure to include your order number in your email.

At our discretion we may offer a free print or a refund to customers who report a printing problem to  Please notify us as soon as possible after experiencing the problem.  Claims for a free print or a refund will not be considered unless the problem is reported within 24 hours of the original transaction.  After investigating the cause of the problem, we may offer you either another chance to print your purchased item, or a full refund for that item, but Ovation Press shall have no further liability to you.

If you have any questions about our Refund Policy please email them to



Ovation Press generally publishes editions of music that is in the public domain in the United States and Canada.  Music is considered to be in the public domain if, among other reasons, it was composed prior to 1923, the copyrights were allowed to expire, or copyrights were not applied for in the first place.  Ovation Press does publish certain editions of music that is still protected under the copyright laws of countries other than the United States and Canada.  Ovation Press is not responsible for any violation, whether knowingly or not, of such copyrights by the Customer.

Although Ovation Press editions are generally based on musical texts in the public domain, all transcriptions, arrangements, and editorial markings created by Ovation Press and its editors are still protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and other countries.

The Customer agrees not to violate any of Ovation Press's copyrights on all distributed Sibelius Scorch files (music and text), audio files, video files, and other documents on the Site.  Any duplication, distribution, reproduction, sale and advertising of the aforementioned documents in any medium, print, electronic or otherwise, or as part of any commercial service is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of Ovation Press.  Photocopying any Ovation Press scores is not permitted.

The Customer is authorized to view and download the content available from the Site for personal, non commercial, informational purposes only.  All Ovation Press content on the Site is protected under copyright laws.  In addition, certain other content, including but not limited to, software, sound clips and musical notation, is copyrighted by others.  Unless otherwise specified, no one has permission to distribute, duplicate, reproduce or republish, in any form, any content found on the Site.  Removing or changing any copyright notices on this content is prohibited.