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Ovation Press is proud to bring you an exciting new way to discover string music with an extensive selection of orchestral excerpts and parts, unique arrangements for cello ensemble, solo music and chamber music for violin, viola, cello and bass. Ovation Press is the only publisher to offer music edited by today’s most prominent string players including concertmasters and principals of major orchestras, leading pedagogues and highly respected international soloists. You are just minutes away from downloading and printing the string music you need while gaining access to the bowings, fingerings and other musical ideas of living legends.

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Featured Scores from Ovation Press

Photo of Stephen Watkins

Christmas Carol Fantasy on I Saw Three Ships (Cello Octet)

If you struggle with finding winter season cello music that isn't cliché or sub-par, editor Stephen Watkins has the solution. His cello octet arrangement of the popular Christmas carol "I Saw Three Ships" is both accessible and refined. Add it to your winter concert repertoire today! (Read more...)

Photo of Hans Erik Deckert

Gade Morning Song (Cello Septet)
Folk Song Es sungen drei Engel (Cello Quartet)

Hans Erik Deckert – himself of both Danish and German descent – has arranged two pieces of his musical legacy with Danish composer Niels Gade and a German folk song. These exclusive scores are available to download for your cello ensemble. (Read more...)

Photo of Bernard Zaslav

Dvorák Rondo in G Minor, Op. 94 (Viola Solo)

In his latest release, editor Bernard Zaslav finds a home for Dvorák's Rondo on the viola. It's a wonderfully entertaining piece that belongs in the standard repertoire every violist! (Read more...)

Photo of Fedor Amosov

Puccini "O Mio Babbino Caro" (Cello Sextet)

"O Mio Babbino Caro" is among the most popular arias, and while it has been arranged in countless ways, our exclusive edition by Fedor Amosov is one of the few for cello ensemble. (Read more...)

Photo of Viacheslav Dinerchtein

Popper Spinning Song (Viola Solo)

In his previous work at Ovation Press, editor Viacheslav Dinerchtein made no technical or musical concessions when transcribing to the viola from other string instruments. David Popper's Spinning Song extended the cello's range to new heights, and Dinerchtein's transcription achieves the same on the viola. This is a technical tour de force in under two minutes. (Read more...)

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