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Gade Morning Song Arranged for Cello Septet

Arranged by Hans Erik Deckert

Title: Morning Song (for Cello Septet)
Composer: Niels Gade
Instrument: Violoncello
Edited By: Hans Erik Deckert
Instrumentation: Violoncello Ensemble
Pages: 3 for the score and 7 for the violoncello parts

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This work is a Danish treasure and should be known and performed everywhere! The original is a seven-part choral work traditionally performed by a large choir accompanied by a symphony orchestra. It can also be performed a cappella. This transcription for cello septet follows the choir's original pitch and is best performed with a large ensemble in order to capture the original choir sound.

-Hans Erik Deckert

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Violoncello I
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Original Danish text written by B.S. Ingemann:
I østen stiger solen op,
den spreder guld på Sky,
går over hav og bjergetop,
går over Land og By

den kommer fra den fagre kyst,
hvor Paradiset lå,
den bringer lys og liv og Lyst
til store og til små.

Og med guds sol udgår fra øst
en himmelsk glands på Jord,
et glimt fra Paradisets Kyst,
hvor livets abild gror. 

English Translation:
In the east, the sun rises; 
It spreads yellow on the clouds.
(It) goes over the sea and the mountain top,
(It) goes over the countryside and the city.
It comes from the beautiful coast, 
Where Paradise lay.
It brings light and life,
It brings life and delight to great and small;
To great and small.
And with God’s Sun there goes out from the east 
A Heavenly ray on the earth;
A glimpse from Paradise Coast, 
Where the Apple of Life grows.